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X-posted query for translation!

Hi there, I have this romanian message I´d like you to translate for me, if you will!
Thanks in advance!
Here it is:

"Of, inima mea, ce frumoasa-îi dragostea ca eu cît traiesc, pe tine am-sa te iubesc."
La, Laura


I am interested :-)

I know about 300 words of Romanian, and though I listen to Romanian rock music all the time (e.g. Cargo, Altar, Iris, etc), I still can't understand Romanian...

My life hasn't been a picnic. Maybe my priorities are just in the wrong places :-D

Multi-lingual Glossary of Idioms (www.wikidioms.com)

Do you know what an English idiom push up daisies mean? Well, now with WikIdioms, you can know in no time. WikIdioms is a new collaborative effort of translators and language lovers who have created first Internet multilingual dictionary of idiomatic expressions. It is both useful and fun! Everyone can also contribute expressions that he knows. Visit WikIdioms, educate yourself, translate idioms, contribute, have fun!

Idiom translation is one hardest translation-related tasks. Idioms cannot be translated literally, as it will result in non-sense. In order to translate an idiom one should find the equivalent expression in the second language. It requires deep familiarity with the language and knowing the specifics of its metaphorical speech. WikIdioms is in fact a multilingual dictionary of idioms, created by native language speakers.

You can find a lot of Romanian idioms translated to English and vice versa.

Help with a song

I'm learning ro, and don't know much yet. Please help me with song "Susanu si Sonia - Da-mi inapoi ce-ai luat". I couldn't find the lyrics online, so here's what I could hear (please don't kill me :)). Can you please correct it?
Upd.: Corrected a lot :) Anything more? Accents?
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Help requested with a Christmas letter


I've posted in the past for some help with my rusty Romanian skills, and want to say again, thank you for all your help!

This time, I'm writing a Christmas letter to my old host mother and her grandaughter in Moldova and need some help with a few statements that I really want to get right. Any help you can provide would be wonderful, thank you!

- I'm sorry to hear about you're having to have those operations, and I'm hoping you are doing well.

- I think it's perfect for you to be studying art, I always thought you were a talented artist.

- My job is to work with people who are mentally ill.

- It's amazing how much time has past, you're all grown up!

- I have many wonderful memories of the times spend with both of you.

Once again, thank you all for you help in translating the above. It's been a long time since I've tried to write to them, and I want to make sure that my sentiments are understandable to them.

Request for Subtitles on a youtube video...

First I must apologise.. I am not learning to speak Romanian. However I recently watched a youtube video of a sport I follow, with the commentary in Romanian. I think it would be fascinating to see what the (literal) translation of that commentary would be.

So, if anyone here is comfortable downloading a youtube video, adding subtitles and uploading it as a video reply to the original.. I know I for one would be very grateful!

The video is available here:

Thanks very much!

Need a translation En->Ro

Buna ziua!

I'm preparing a gift for my Romanian girlfriend. The present itself is hand-made plate with my "paintings" and I want to put a nice golden line which should sound like "For the best girl in the world..." in Romanian language. I'm not sure how to express it in Romanian and I don't trust translations made myself. Would you please help me with that? I hope idea is clear for you...

Thanks in advance!


Hi, I'm I long time lurker, and am hoping someone could help me with a translation. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Moldova several years ago but unfortunately have lost a lot of my skills in Romanian. My old host mother's grandaugther sent me a letter recently and I was hoping for help translating a few sentences.

Here's the sentences:

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Translators are invited to participate in our project

We’re planning to publish a collection of translations of the poem “Might fame to descendents I leave…” by the late Gennady Grigoryev:



Might fame to descendents I leave in my will?

For any of you – bear in mind –

There is no inheritance, zero, nil,

There's nothing I’m leaving behind.


Crimea, the Baltic, the wash of the sea,

The yacht and the mast with a sail


This life when I go I am taking with me,

So live without life.

Live and wail.



11 Feb. 2003


Translated by Max Orkis © 2008

Our goal is to translate this poem into as many languages as possible – the more the merrier, including Latin and other ancient tongues.

Translators are invited to post their texts as separate entries. We urge you to use tags (e.g., Finnish, Spanish, correction, draft, etc.) and not to get carried away inventing new ones.

You’ll get what’s coming to you: your translation will be published (if it gets approved by our experts). NB: there will be no monetary reward; we can only afford publication expenses.

Only one translation into each of the languages will be published. Comments and collaboration are, therefore, strongly encouraged.

Heading this project are Yevgueniy Myakishev, Nutty Professor Bolduman, Gennady Grigoryev’s son, and Max Orkis.


For your convenience, we’ve opened a new community:





Come join us!


Please spread the word!




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Phoenix feather

Intro + a question (or two)

Buna ziua!

My interest in the nation as a whole; as well as an eventual unscheduled trip has lead me to attempt to learn Romanian. So far I've actually memorized a little basic vocabulary, and I try to study whenever I have spare time.

Here are some of the questions I have- how do I make typed letters appear with the appropriate accents?

And... is there a good place to find raw dialogue to listen to anywhere on the internet?

( I could also use someone to converse with on a casual basis in the language, but I'm sure that this community will fill that void ^_^;)

Thanks in advance!
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