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Need a translation En->Ro

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May. 5th, 2009 | 08:25 am
posted by: neo_dachnik in learnromanian

Buna ziua!

I'm preparing a gift for my Romanian girlfriend. The present itself is hand-made plate with my "paintings" and I want to put a nice golden line which should sound like "For the best girl in the world..." in Romanian language. I'm not sure how to express it in Romanian and I don't trust translations made myself. Would you please help me with that? I hope idea is clear for you...

Thanks in advance!

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from: everlastingyea
date: May. 5th, 2009 12:20 pm (UTC)

Now this post has got me thinking about the word "bună."

If you're talking about an object, it does mean "good."
Cartea asta este foarte bună. = This book is very good.
Cartea asta este cea mai bună. = This book is the best.

But you wouldn't apply "bună" to people in the same way, much like you would never say that a person is "good" in English. Good in the context of people doesn't mean anything. (Unless you say "This person is good... for this job." But the "good" here means "fitting, right" specific to a context, in this case the job. You would never use "good" as an adjective to describe a person on the whole - "Bob is good." You can use it as part of the noun "good person." Ex. "Bob is a good person." While "good person" can have connotations of being kind like in Romanian, it mostly means "morally upstanding person.")

So "bună" in Romanian when applied to people (adults) usually means "kind" which is a morally upstanding thing to be - but different emphasis.

Interestingly enough, when applied to children, "bună" means "obedient."
Ex. "Fata mea este bună."
Literal translation: My girl/daughter is good.
Implied: My daughter does what she is told; she doesn't give anyone trouble.
I guess the connotations are much the same as in English. "Be a good boy" implies "Behave yourself."

So I'd imagine you would want to say that your girlfriend is kind, rather than obedient. Usually, it is understood that "bună" in the context of adults means "kind," especially in the context of a few complimentary adjectives strung together. If you want to be emphatic about the kindness bit, you can say "bună la suflet" - which literally translates "good in the soul" and means very very kind, perhaps sensitive and soulful (like "sufletească").

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(no subject)

from: neo_dachnik
date: May. 5th, 2009 01:09 pm (UTC)

Thank you very much for detailed reply! :)

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