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Learn Romanian

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learnromanian is a community where learners of Romanian can share their interest, ask questions, post useful word lists or links to resources and discuss any other matters relating to the language and its dialects.

Native Romanian speakers or those with a good command of the language are also welcome to join and help out fellow members with their questions and offer advice.

Language learners can find a list of useful resources here

Community Rules :

+ Respect other members and try to keep things decent and friendly.
+ No spamming or flooding.
+ Do not post illegal or offensive material as these posts will be deleted and offenders may be banned.
+ Anyone wanting to advertise their own communities should ask before doing so.
+ Posts should be in English or in Romanian (with English translations).
+ Enjoy and learn!

Affiliates :


If you want to be part of our affiliate program, feel free to leave a message. The only requirements are a link back in return and that the community or journal be relevant to Romanian, Romania or anything related to these.

Community maintained by dalf.

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